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Are you looking for a company in the Dayton Ohio or Miami Valley area to help you setup a professional YouTube channel for your business?

Well Page 1 SEO Services can do just that for you.

Recent research indicates that by 2017, 69% of all Internet traffic will be done with videos and just like the 800 lb. gorilla search engine in the room which is Google, so it will be for businesses marketing their videos marketing on YouTube.

YouTube Channel and Video Optimization services in Dayton Ohio from Page 1 SEO ServicesIf your business do not soon take advantage of this emerging technology, it will soon be let in the dust by your competitors who are.

Not only are our team at Page 1 SEO Services experts at SEO, we are just as experienced at video marketing via Google & YouTube.

Just as there are a amazing number of factors why any website ranks higher that another in Google and the other search engines, the same is true for video marketing.

The most important thing to do before randomly just uploading a video to YouTube in hopes that it will show up, is to setup a professionally designed and optimized YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Setup:

Your YouTube channel must be set up correctly from the beginning to make it the most appealing and effective marketing channel for your business as possible.

There are several factors that all must be in place for not only your videos to rank, but for your channel to rank as well.

From the name of your channel to all the social sites it's connected to, to the actual design of the channel itself, they all play a part in any successful YouTube marketing plan.

YouTube Channel Design:

Recent changes to the YouTube channel design does not make it very user friendly to try and figure out how to accomplish it all.

The channel header can be a real challenge for someone with little knowledge of graphic design.

Here are just a few examples of some of the type channel headers that we can custom design and create for your business.

YouTube Channel Setup-Design-Optimization & Marketing Service in Dayton Ohio from Page 1 SEO Services































YouTube Channel Optimization:

I case you are not aware of it, your YouTube channel can be and must be, optimized correctly for not only your videos to rank well, but for your channel to also rank well.

Very people or businesses know how to do this, and even less know how to do it correctly.

Fortunately, Page 1 SEO Services  knows how to put all the pieces of your video marketing puzzle together correctly.

From the Setup to the Design to the Optimization and the marketing, we can handle the entire process for you and even manage your account to maintain, optimize and upload all your videos for you if you wish.

So if you are needing a YouTube Channel creation service in Dayton Ohio or anywhere in the greater Miami Valley area, Page 1 SEO Services is your answer.

Contact us today at (937) 830 – 6108 for any questions you may have, or use our Contact Us form if you would prefer.