Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

In today's environment, approximately 75%-90% of the public are now turning to the Internet for local search to find what they are looking to buy.

No longer are the vast majority letting their fingers do the walking.

To explain this, we will use our imaginary customer, Joe.

He's a typical Dayton, Ohio consumer.

Joe uses the Internet for research and fun; he has heard that you can find anything online.

So, today Joe is giving it a try.

He is interested in buying a blue widget.

Your business makes blue widgets; but Joe doesn't know anything about your business. 

Joe goes online and types in, "blue widgets Dayton Ohio", and the results are returned to him.

The only problem is, your business does not show up on the 1st or 2nd pages of Google.

However, your competition does.

Rarely do people go deeper than the first 2 pages of results before making a decision about where to buy.

It is important to notice that Joe did not, in fact could not, use your website address to find you, because he did not even know your business existed. 

He's not looking for you; he's looking for blue widgets.

It's your job to make sure he finds you.

This is where Page 1 SEO Services comes in.

Why Your Business Needs Search Engine OptimizationBy optimizing your website's on-page and off-page keyword terms, Page 1 SEO Services makes sure your business will be found on Google's page 1 or 2, by consumers who have no idea your website or business even exists.

Since Page 1 SEO Services has properly optimized your website for various terms relating specifically to your business, there is a good chance Joe will want to buy his blue widget from you, even though he knew nothing about you or your business prior to his search.

This is what search engine optimization is all about.

It is about, being able to bring new customers and revenue to your business who have never heard of you.

It is about consumers finding what they are searching for, and their answer is you!