Why Your Website Needs Ongoing SEO Maintenance


Your site is in the top positions of Google…now what?

If you have just achieved dominating one of the high ranking positions in the Google results, there's one thing for sure.

You just took it away from someone else!

But, that is what business is about, building a better mousetrap.

The search engine algorithms are constantly changing.  What worked last year, or even last week, may not work now.

These algorithms are constantly changing and are kept top secret by Google, no one except the Google engineers knows truly what or how they formulate their results .

The determination of your competitors to pursue their top rankings and move ahead of you means that you also must aggressively work to stay on top.

Your competitors desire to stay ahead of you and to want to lure away your customers, more likely than not, will not stop.

Why Your Website Needs Ongoing SEO MaintenanceSearch engine optimization is not a set it and forget it process.

It takes constant attention and action to keep your SEO relevant and ranking in the search engines.

SEO will build on itself over time, but that doesn't mean you get to 6 months and call it quits and hope your past work will carry you through.

If you want to keep your site competitive and continue growing your online presence, you have to be prepared to strap in for the long haul. SEO isn't ever truly finished.

Your real competitors will be constantly tweaking their content and linking strategies to try and stay ahead of you in the rankings.

No website keeps it's rankings forever,  not even your competitors.

The most important things that business owners fail to realize about SEO is that it is a do it this month and not this one, it is a long term process and your SEO strategy needs to be an  ongoing process.

If you optimize your site well and add good link building, you will see your rankings show improvement.

But, do not think that means that it is OK to scale back once you’re happy with the results.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If anything, that should be motivation to keep going. SEO results can fade even quicker than they can be achieved, so it is critical to maintain your positions against your competitors who are also doing the same or losing rank because they have failed to do so.

Your website must continually be re-analyzed and optimized content added to it stay current with Google's changing algorithms and to stay ahead of your competition.

Failure to do this on a continuing basis will always result in your competitors site capturing more of your potential customers and the revenue from them, by out-ranking you in the search engines.

This is why your site needs ongoing SEO Services.

With the constantly changing demands of Google, keeping up with their requirements is a complex and time-consuming process.  Additionally, your position must be regularly monitored to stay on top of any changes.

Your valuable time is much better spent running your business as efficiently as possible.

It is our job to stay updated on all the search engine changes, and to do it at a fraction of the cost and time it would take for you to do it yourself.

Your site may fluctuate a position or two, which is unavoidable, since Google has total control over how a search term or website shows up in their results. 

However, using our unique combination's of techniques for search engine optimization, which are all included in our monthly price, your site will repeatedly have new listings and postings showing up every month to keep your site in the top positions of Google through it's, Universal Search algorithms.

All these techniques will build new links back to your site month after month, which is one of the most important factors that Google uses to rank your site and establish relevance for the searcher's query.

So, now you've got it.  Search engine optimization is an ongoing task that must be done consistently, not just once to make it work for your business.

If you do not want to be the next one that just had their positions taken away from them by someone who was more focused on maintaining their positions, then ongoing search engine optimization is your only answer.