5 October 2016
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5 October 2016,

Important Tips to Building a Quality Website



Tips For Building a Quality Website from the Web Designers at Page 1 SEO Services in Dayton OhioWebsite design builder sites like Wix and others are found on the Internet and marketed everywhere as your simple solution to a new website for your business.

However, there is one critical factor that none of them tell you upfront.

What is that?

The simple fact is that unless your website is built from the ground up with a solid foundation using the correct SEO principles in place that will cause it to rank in Google and the others search engines, it is no more than a pretty brochure.

No one is going to find it because it doesn't rank for the important keywords related to your business, which translates into ZERO new customers for your business via the search engines.

Once found, your website should have the capacity of grabbing the attention of the visitor. Using bright and shiny gimmicks to attract the visitor to a boring site is a waste of yours and your viewers time.

One of the most important thing you should do before building your website is analyzing your competition.  Notice the ones that are ranking in the first 3 positions, there is a reason they are ranking in those positions, they have designed their websites to rank in the search engines, this is generally known as reverse engineering a website.

Try to incorporate the different aspects of their sites into yours only using your own original content. The first and most critical part of creating a quality website, is, the planning of the site content,

As well as the message you want your website to convey to your potential customers and clients, the correct keywords to use and the architecture of your site design.

Another aspect of a quality website is the way your personality in your writing for your business, comes across.

Your website is basically an outlet of putting your identity out in the world. So just be yourself, because if you try to appeal to an audience in a way that is not your true self, you are surely destined to fail in the website.

Other Dos' and Dont's:

Never forget to select a domain name that is productive to your website.

Your website must have easy navigation tools and interactive media and contain quality content that your customers will find useful.

By using attractive graphics it will make your website more interesting. Banners can be created from scratch or by using free banner generators.

Avoid adding pop-ups on your site, most people find these extremely annoying and many people who just automatically leave the site if a bunch of commercial pop-ups that they must constantly close out, appear on the screen!

It is of no use creating a website that looks like a giant advertisement where you have to search for the required information.

In case you are not aware of it, Google does not rank websites, they rank web pages. So basically, every page on your website if optimized correctly, has the ability to rank in Google for the search terms that specific page is about.

Another powerful and flexible tool for building high-quality web pages that Google seems to favor is using WordPress as your design platform.

Be sure to choose a reliable web host for your website such as HostGator or Just Host which both have great 24/7 technical support should you run into problems with your website of need answers to your questions.

Whatever website design you employ, make sure that your website doesn’t look like it was designed by a novice, there is nothing more that screams professional as a badly designed website, since it immediately says to a potential customer if their website looks like this, how good could their service be?

We hope you have found these tips on web page designing useful if you consider building your own website.
However, if you want it done correctly, timely, and most important, one that will show up on Page 1 of Google, we are experts at creating beautiful, SEO optimized, responsive and mobile optimized websites.