Here's What Search Engine Optimization Can Do For YOUR Bottom-Line

Whether or not you have a website your business, savoy business owners today are asking the question, should they invest in optimizing their website or create one for their business so that they will rank higher than their competition in Google and the other search engines.

Well, the answer is a resounding, YES!  I am not saying this just because we are a SEO company.

As you we see from some examples below, I am saying this because of what clients have shared and told us what the use of our search engine optimization services has done for their business and more importantly their bottom-line.

As you will see top search engine rankings can in most cases, make or break a business.

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Here are some results from a local doctor who helps his patients who are morbidly obese, lead happier and healthier lives by having gastric bypass surgery preformed.

Through successful optimization of his website, it went from having very little presence in the search engines and directories to being in the top 10 results of page 1 of Google for a number of relevant keyword phrases relating to his business.

What did this do for his business and his bottom-line?

First, his traffic to his website increased substantially and his potential clients were finding his website through the use of the keywords they were searching for.

As the doctor told us, before we added the use of a professional SEO company to our website and our marketing efforts we were acquiring usually about 2-4 patients per week through our website.

However, after our new rankings started to take hold in the top 10 results of Google, we started slowly to increase those numbers to sometimes 10-20 new patients per week.

To say the least, they were ecstatic!

Their practice went from a struggling almost bankrupt operation practically ready to close down, to a thriving and profitable practice.

Almost all his new business was a result of his new website rankings.

The doctor is actually looking to add another surgeon to help him with the additional load.

Is this just some fluke?

No, many clients businesses have been impacted by the use of our search engine optimization services and the effects good search engine placement has made for their bottom-lines.

Here's another example.

After spending thousands of dollars on advertising while at the same time adding our SEO services to their mix, our customer told us.

We were getting some good results but, not compared to the amount of money we were spending for it all.

So after some hard decision making, they decided they would decrease their Yellow Pages ad size and costs as well as other advertising they were doing and realized that when they stopped, that it had very little if any effect on their bottom line.

They soon realized that, the largest majority of their business was coming from the search engine optimization that they were having done for them via our SEO services and through the search engines.

They also realized what a relief it was to hand this part of their business over to a professional SEO service and how little it required on their part, giving them more opportunity to focus on the other aspects of their business that they enjoyed more and were experts at.

These are just a couple examples of what our search engine optimization services can do for your business and your companies bottom-line.

One aspect to keep in mind is that, simply being found in the search results may not be enough.

Once your potential customers do find your website, your website still needs to engage and sell your products or services.

It needs great original and quality content to convert those potential customers into your paying customers.

Bottom - Line Going Up Because of SEOWhile it's true that we cannot guarantee the exact kind of return on investment from successful search engine optimization as the examples above, when you take into account the low cost of our SEO services compared to any other form of advertising, there is no comparison.

One thing for sure though is that, it WILL increase your bottom-line and profits!