Top SEOs Directory Listing for Best SEO Companies and Firms in Dayton Ohio or Rankings of Best SEO Companies in Dayton,Ohio –  Scam ot Not?  You Decide!


Rankings of Best SEO Companies in Dayton, Ohio - Best SEO Companies and Firms in Dayton OhioAs one of the top SEO companies and firms in Dayton, Ohio and the Miami Valley area, we have for some time ranked # 1 for search terms like SEO services in Dayton, SEO Companies in Dayton, Ohio, SEO firms in Dayton, Ohio, etc.

We have worked hard to honestly achieve these rankings for our business and take great pride in those rankings.

Since our slogan is, "If an SEO service can't achieve first page rankings for itself, what would make you think they could do it for your business?"

The reason I bring this up is while checking our results as we do for us and our clients on a regular basis, I was very disturbed to see a ranking towards the top of the pages for the search terms I listed above by a company who claims to be an unbiased ranking and review directory site, by a company called Top SEOs.

After some basic research what I discovered was that as you will see below they are called by many other respected SEO industry sites, to be a scam.

Since they are basically a pay to play directory, it misleads the public, and people will be fooled thinking that the results are legitimate, but, if you want to be # 1 in their directory, you must pay for it.

They claim that, " Rankings and reviews of the best SEO companies and agencies in Dayton are based on a meticulous evaluation process."

Consider this, since Page 1 SEO Services has been for years and still is one of the highest ranking SEO services in Dayton, Ohio, how is it that we are not even listed as one of the Top SEO services in Dayton,Ohio?

Answer:  Because we do not pay to be listed in their directory.

Here are just a few of the sites we found when I searched Google for Topseos Directory Scam.

This one is from Aaron Wall one of the most respected SEO people in the industry who took the company to task a few years back:

Here's another article, – SEO agency reviews base on paid advertorial?

Or perhaps, this quote from Rip Off Report

" or Top Seos rates and reviews companies based solely on how much they PAY, the more money you give the better your rating. Basically I can be a crappy SEO company, pay 1000's of dollars and they will say I'm number one! The biggest and most legitimate company for reviews is Top 10 Reviews, they ABSOLUTLY DO NOT TAKE ANY KIND OF MONEY!!! and they give honest good reviews unlike"

Or, perhaps a list of complaints from

Or, TOPSEO's – An Independent Authority?


The point I want to make is that you cannot trust sites like this for unbiased rankings and reviews.

There is nothing wrong with paying for a listing in a directory site that you want to be listed in, as long as you know that's what it is, a pay for play directory.

But, Topseo's portrays itself as a non-pay un-biased ranking and review directory to the public, which is not what they are.

A good non-pay review company does not accept 100's or 1000's of dollars for a good review or ranking. creates confusion among buyers who want good honest unbiased information, not a payed for review, which misleads the public to think that they are legitimate and honest.

I think it should be clear as to what this company is doing and their practices.

If you would like to work with a top seo service in Dayton,Ohio that has earned the position of Rankings of Best SEO Companies in Dayton, Ohio​, then choose on that has achieved those rankings honestly, which should indicate to you that it you want YOUR business to rank on Page 1 of Google for the search terms related to your business, Page 1 SEO Services in the right choice.

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