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Landing Page and Squeeze Page Design in Dayton Ohio by Page 1 SEO ServicesAre visitors visiting your website, leaving with nothing to show for it and no way of contacting them again?

Did you know that without a properly designed and eye-catching landing page or squeeze page testing has proven that over 90% of your visitors visiting your website may never visit your website again, those are not good results.

That is why having one on your website can be a critical part of a successful website design, by capturing as many of those leads as possible.

Simply by creating helpful and informative information for your targeted audience and given away free in a simple report, you can capture a vast majority of those visitors to your website.

If you are looking for a landing page designer in the Dayton area, then give us a call, we can help.

What is a Landing Page or Landing Page Design?

A landing page sometimes referred to as a lead capture page, opt-in page or squeeze, it is simply a single web page on your website with an opt-in form designed to capture a visitors name and email address in return for some free offer, through the lead capture form.

Benefits of Using Landing Pages

Lead Capture –A landing page or squeeze page allows your business to design a message for your specific audience and visitor.

Conversions – A properly designed and attractive squeeze page can create more customers for your business allowing you to know who they were and making it possible to contact them again in the future.

  By knowing who opted Tracking –in to your landing page, you will be creating and building an ongoing list of emails that you can then contact anytime in the future for any kind of special offer or event for your business.

lease feel free to take a look and test some of the designs we can create for your business below, all aspects of any of these can be changed to reflect your business. As you will see, these are not your usual run of the mill landing pages, these are very creative and eye catching and Pwere designed to immediately catch the attention of the viewer.

Landing Pages With Videos

Any video you have can be used, and all text can be edited to reflect your specific business.

Landing Pages With Video Backgrounds

Landing Pages With Animation

Simple Product Download Pages

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