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Page 1 SEO Services the Internet Marketing Consultant that Dayton,Ohio turns to for all their Local Internet Marketing needs would like to share with you the views of Fred Joyal co-founder of 1-800-Dentist and author of "Everything is Marketing"  the Ultimate Strategy For Dental Practice Growth, which can be applied to ANY business.

No one knows marketing better than Fred Joyal.

Everything is Marketing - Fred Joyal - Page 1 SEO Services

As a website designer, search engine optimization and local Internet marketing specialist, I found the following words taken directly from his new book both inspiring and very wise and should be considered by ALL businesses considering and attempting to do their own website design and website optimization themselves.

His view on Websites:

Notice I said websites, plural.  It's perfectly reasonable to have more than one website, which can really help your business to dominate your niche and enhance your web presence.

But you absolutely need to have at least one.

It is one of the best ways to promote your practice or business, and it is the most robust brochure you could possibly ask for, with the potential for unlimited content, including detailed photography and even video.

Bear in mind that 80% of the American population now uses the Internet at least once a month, and that will only increase to the point where most people are using it all day long.

Some quotes from Fred.  "I cannot stress this next point strongly enough, you should not build your own website, no matter how easy it seems."

The power of your website will be in how well it is "optimized".  This is a fairly new term in advertising, and refers to how search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others will categorize your website and the information in it.

In other words, do they consider your website relevant enough to present when someone searches for certain words, such as "dentist Pittsburgh" or " cosmetic dentist 90210."

Whenever possible, you want your office to come up on the first page results naturally, which is to say, you're not paying to come up in the search.

"This optimization issue is why you can no longer build your own website.  You cannot possibly stay current on what is required to satisfy the systems these search engines have for categorizing your site."

The methods of categorization change all the time, how they determine what is relevant is not easily determined and the search engines do not necessarily disclose what their criteria are.

In short you need professional help, at 1-800-Dentist, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to keep up with search engine optimization, or SEO as you will hear it referred to and, we can barely keep up with it.

"Optimizing websites is a full time job – don't try to do it yourself."

'Have a website designer build you a site and make sure it is, someone who can optimize it."

I think Fred has summed up this topic quite well and, even though he is speaking about the dentistry niche, they a valid points for ANY business.

What Fred has just described here is exactly what Page 1 SEO Services is all about and can do for your business so that it will be your website that shows up on Google's Page 1 results.

Why are businesses like yours changing their advertising strategy?

Actually, “why” they are making these changes is perfectly clear.  Simply put, the return on investment (ROI) is much higher by using local Internet marketing strategies, than any other form of advertising.

Utilizing the Internet, local business owners like you are growing faster, earning more, with greater profit margins than ever imaginable!  Exploding growth, even during dire economical times is possible with the correct usage of the Internet!

You may have tried some online marketing tactics in the past and failed.

Online marketing is easy, just not simple to learn. There is just so much bad information out there and the technology, trends, algorithms etc change so fast, it is now extremely hard to jump in the game and be a true contender!

I understand that what you really need is someone to take care of your online marketing that you can trust.

The first step you’ll want to take is for that person to show you exactly where you rank online and where your competitors rank.

Then, make sure you understand that marketing a website is completely different from creating a website.

Our no cost website assessment is a not a sales pitch.

We can determine, exactly why you’re website is not performing and we’ll tell you.

We’ll show you how many people are searching for your product or service on Google.

We’ll show you how strong the competition is.

We’ll even give you some reports that you can keep.

We promise we’ll never put pressure on you to buy our services, which goes against all of our philosophies.  We want to help educate and inform you, so that you can draw your own conclusions as to what steps you need to take next.

It’s simple, that way if you ever purchase online marketing services, we want to be the local Internet marketing company in Dayton,Ohio that you to think of, so that we can have the opportunity and the chance to earn your business.

If you are looking for Internet Marketing Services in Dayton Ohio, Page I SEO Services is your answer!

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