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Have you been seeing your competition at the top of the Google Maps results in the Dayton, Ohio area?
Are you wondering, how can I get my business to show up there?

Google Maps marketing has recently evolved into an essential component of local SEO, and is has become important for any business that’s marketing to a local audience, like Dayton and the Miami Valley area.

Dayton Google Maps Seo Company - Page 1 SEO ServicesWhy are Google Maps and Google My Business listings so important?

Simply put, because people trust Google.

When they see your listing or a competitors listing online, it will show that Google has deemed that business as a verified business with a legitimate location or service. Customers can see reviews from other customers which creates in the public’s eye, social proof of what the public thinks about any businesses product or service.

The problem that many businesses do not realize is that creating just a Google Maps or Google My Business listing in itself will generally not position your business into what is now called the 3 Pack Maps listings, which used to be a 7 Pack but Google has recently reduced it to only 3 listings, making it even more difficult for businesses to achieve those rankings.

And what most businesses do not know or understand is that creating those listings accounts for about 30% of the factors that will cause a business to rank in that 3 Pack.
There are several more critical factors that must be done correctly for any business to now achieve those coveted rankings.

Local Google Maps Search Engine Optimization In Dayton

An optimized Google Maps listing is now one of the most important investments that a company can make for their local search engine marketing strategy.

Only the best SEO companies are able to achieve high rankings on both Google Maps and standard search results on the same search results page.

Why is that important? Because, by having your business appear twice on the same search results page creates a powerful benefit of local SEO. Not to mention your listing occupying those listings, instead of one of your competitors. Which would you prefer?

What is The Best Way To Optimize Your Maps Listing For Dayton?

We take an integrated approach to local SEO that combines Google My Business (GMB) optimization, on-site optimization, review generation, and our proprietary Google Plus Optimization Service for Google Places and Maps strategies.

In the Dayton area, we are your Google My Business Optimization Specialist



In case you are not aware of it, there are a variety of factors that google uses to determine which Dayton companies are the most acceptable to display for any given search.

How Do We Achieve Google Maps and Google My Business Rankings For Our Clients?

First, rest assured that, we will provide you with everything that you need to make this the best experience you have ever had with any company.

We will create your customized listing that is organized in a manner that is not only aesthetically beautiful looking, but is coded/organized just how Google likes it.

We will add several relevant pictures for your clients and prospects to see, create a SEO friendly Company profile and make sure that all of the aspects of the maps listing ensuring that it is optimized for the best positioning in the search engine.

In addition to the descriptions and profile, we’ll set up Google Plus communities, optimize your Youtube channel and page, create business listings on many other well known directories and more. This is important because, when your Google Maps listing is well optimized, you will engage and influence several local mobile users within your area, which now account for more than 55% of the Google searchs performed on the web today, this is a target market you do not want your business to miss out on.

Google My Business Optimization Services in Dayton Ohio by Page 1 SEO ServicesNavigating the waters of Dayton maps optimization isn’t always so cut and dry.

Optimizing your Google Maps listing ensures your company is in front of people who are eager to purchase your services.

Let our team of Google Maps and Google My Business optimization experts take you business to the top of the Google search results and start bringing in more clients through your doors.

Contact us today to learn how we can guide you through the process and get your generating fresh leads in no time!