Who is behind Page 1 SEO Services?

Page 1 SEO Services in Dayton Ohio, is one of the top SEO and Internet Marketing companies in Dayton, Ohio and the Miami Valley area.

At Page 1 SEO Services, we offer a wide variety of services.  We are committed to providing you the best service, no matter how simple or difficult the job.

My name is Rick Crombie, and I am the SEO consultant and Internet Marketing specialist and the founder of Page 1 SEO Services.

Our SEO Agency in Dayton Ohio offers a one-stop solution for your online marketing needs for any business.

Not only do we work for some of the best businesses in Dayton and throughout the Miami Valley area, but we also work with businesses all across the United States in the smallest of towns, to the largest cities.

We also work with businesses of all kinds as well as size of bushiness, from one person operations to Fortune 500 companies.

Each month we implement the following strategies for our clients.  

These services will help to maintain and continually improve and increase your rankings in the search engines.

However, please understand that without continued monthly search engine optimization for your website, you will likely lose some of your rankings in the search engines after only a month or two.

See “Why Does My Site Need Ongoing Search Engine Optimization ?

This is not unlike what would happen if you were to remove your Yellow Page ad after a month or two, you would cease to receive calls from lack of visibility.

Or remove your ad from a newspaper, radio ad, television ad, billboard or any direct marketing method, again you would cease to receive calls.

Also keep in mind the fact that your competitors will be continuing to increase their backlinks and their content to try and out rank you.

That is just the nature of business and must be realized to move ahead of your competition in today’s online marketing environment.

It is a process that needs to be continued to be successful to outrank those competitors.

Here is how we achieve the best results for you and your business:

First, we meet with you or communicate by phone or email to find out what you business is about, what market are trying to reach and determine what the most profitable areas of your business that should be focused on first.

Second,  we work on On-Page optimization which includes:

* We will review your website to determine what you are doing right and doing wrong with your SEO efforts.

* Then we will develop a effective SEO strategy to use to move your website forward.

* We will then search and uncover the keyword gems that your clients are actually searching  for to find businesses like yours.

* We will also determine the correct Title tags and Meta descriptions needed for the best SEO.

* Then advise you on how to add optimized content for your pages.

* And last, answer any of your SEO questions that you may have and advise you where needed.

Third, now it’s time for your Off-Page optimization.

This is what we do for you:

We will rotate one or more of the following services below each month which will create a diversified back-linking profile for your business, while increasing your keyword diversity.

* Video SEO –  A video will be created and and uploaded to YouTube for your specific search terms, then 1 per month after that each month that you continue with our services.

These are promotional video’s which can also include shots of your business itself, your products or services, and your staff if so desired, at no additional charge.

* Article Marketing SEO –  An targeted and optimized article created and distributed to one of  the top Article directories.

* 2.0 Social Media SEO –  Postings to various social media sites, forums, and blogs.

* Press Release SEO –  Press release submitted.

* Directory SEO – Site submitted to niche relevant industry directories.

* Classified SEO – Ad or ads created and submitted to classified sites.

* Pinging SEO – All listings for all the above services pinged at points of submission.

* Advanced Methods – Our secret sauce that we do not list for our competitors to see.

By performing one or more of the services above for your business and website each month, it will have a synergistic effect that builds month after month that will create not just 1 position on Page 1 of Google for your business, but usually 2-3 or more.

Ensuring that your business dominates that search page over your competitors who usually have only 1 listing.

This will create a perceived vision to the public and Google that your business IS, THE authority in your industry.

Here is a more detailed list of what  Page 1 Services can do for you and your business.

Website Design / Re-Design

* Re -Design of  current website  *  Creation of a Complete New website  * Add video  * Add Audio  * Add images  * Content re-writing  * On-page SEO  * Marketing overhaul / report  * Move to your own server / hosting  * Add Blog * Landing Page Design  * Add Opt-in form / Auto-responder sequence  * Contact form re-design  * Improve calls to action  * Web Pages  * Blog Updates  * Email Sequence  * Special Reports * Authority Book

Video Creation (slide show or live action)

* For Promotional Campaigns on Website  * For Viral Campaigns  * For Video Marketing * For Sales / Squeeze Pages * Landing Page Design * For Google Places Optimization

Video Marketing

* Optimize For Search Engines  * Upload to Bulk Online Publishers  * Create You-Tube Channel  * Embed on Blogs / Web Pages

Article Marketing

* Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly Articles  * For Publishing to Article Directories  * For building Back-links  * To submit to Blogs

Press Release (weekly, monthly, etc)

* To drive traffic to site  * To build brand awareness * To promote products / services  * To launch new products / services  * To build links back to website

Directory Submissions

* Local directory submissions  * Major directory submissions  * Niche directory submissions  * On-going directory submissions for link building

SEO / Back-Link Generation

* On-Page SEO  * Off-Page SEO  * Link Building  * Keyword Research  * Competitor Analysis  * On-Going link-building

Google Places Set-up and Optimization

* Initial claiming and setting up of listing  * Citation building  * Link building  * Video creation  * Image creation

Social Media Setup

* Profile set-up  * Custom Fan-page set-up for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube  * Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in)

Data-Base Management / Auto-Responder Set-up

* Create Free Report / giveaway concept (i.e. coupon)  * Set up Capture Form  * Set up Auto Responder

Email Marketing Setup

* Create emails  * Send and monitor emails using email marketing software * Report on results


* Mobile marketing / website readiness  * QR codes  *Text Message Marketing

All this monthly services build the valuable backlinks needed to continually improve your rankings in the search engines.

If after reviewing our services, you would like to contact us, please fill out the form on our “Contact” page.  It’s quick and easy to use.  We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

If you need immediate assistance and would like to speak to someone right now, just call (937) 830-6108, and we will be happy to assist you.

Page 1 SEO Services – “When Page 2, just won’t do”