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Are you are looking for one of the best SEO services in Dayton Ohio and the Miami Valley?

Your competitors are stealing YOUR customers!  When are YOU going to do something about it?

Here’s and important question to ask yourself.

Local SEO Marketing by Page I SEO Services


Don’t you think that an SEO Consulting Company, SEO Service, SEM Specialist, Search Engine Marketing Expert or an Internet Marketing Company that is capable of doing what YOU want them to do for YOUR business, should be on Page 1 of Google for their own business, for the most important search terms relating to their business? 


If they cannot achieve that for themselves, then the question should be asked:

“How are they going to do it for my business?” 

After all, isn’t that what you are wanting them to do for YOUR business? 

Let’s see some proof, you might say.

Try copying and pasting in any of the following search terms in your Google browser, SEO Services Dayton Ohio, SEO Expert Dayton Ohio, Best SEO Services in Ohio, SEO Consultant Dayton Ohio, Top SEO Consulting Service in Dayton Ohio, Best SEO Consultants Dayton Ohio, Best Local SEO Services in Dayton Ohio, Best Local SEO Marketing Experts in Ohio, Best SEO Service in Dayton Ohio, Top Search Engine Optimization Services in Dayton Ohio, SEM Services Dayton Ohio, SEO Experts Dayton Ohio, Search Engine Marketing Expert Dayton Ohio, Video Marketing Services Dayton Ohio, Top Online Marketing Services Dayton Ohio or perhaps Website Promotion Services Dayton Ohio, SEO Agency Dayton Ohio or SEO Agency in Dayton Ohio.

As you have just verified for yourself and can plainly see, Page 1 SEO Services ranks on Page 1 of Google and not for just one search phrase but multiple search phrases relating to our business and many with not only one listing on those pages but multiple listings.  We can be found without anyone knowing who we are or our URL at all, that is what search engine optimization is all about.  The results speak for themselves.

We can do the same for YOUR business!

Why would you want to work with anyone but the very best in their field if it’s real results you are seeking?

My name is Rick Crombie and I am the search engine marketing and optimization specialist for Page 1 SEO Services in Dayton Ohio, specializing in Search Engine Marketing, Website Design, Video Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization Services and more.

My job is to help local businesses nationwide to create more new customers and revenue for their businesses, by increasing their presence on the Internet through the power of search engine optimization and our other online marketing services.

Here is one of our most recent testimonials from one of our monthly clients who we market their service and products nationwide.

Just wanted to say a thank you for all of the work that you are doing I believe you have been doing a great job. My programmer here is seeing all the backlinks and announcements that you have worked on and we are really seeing an upswing in people on our site.  Anyway,
great job on everything you are doing I deeply
appreciate your hard work!”

Does Your Business Need More New Leads & Customers?

You may have found us at the top of Google while searching for SEO services in Dayton Ohio or perhaps Top Local SEO Services in Ohio.

That didn’t happen by accident, that is what good SEO does for our business, and what it could do for your business.

My job is to help your business gain as many new leads and customers as possible.  If you want to know how I can help drive more targeted leads, and increase sales, then we need to talk.

Why should you care if  your website is on Page 1 of Google?  

Because it will attract more potential buyers to your website which will create more customers and bottom-line revenue for YOUR business.

Do you really need a second reason?

Then here’s a second, the first page of the Google results page receives 89% of ALL available clicks, page 2 receives only 10.18%, which page would YOU rather be on? 

How Google Search Works

Why do businesses strive to reach the #1 position on page 1 of Google?

Google's Top 10 Ranking Percentages from Page 1 SEO ServicesThe pie chart to the right illustrates how many clicks your website will receive based on it’s ranking position on Page 1 of Google from the # 1 going down to 10th position, and as you can clearly see, 42% of those clicks are going to the number one position.

Meaning, that for every 100 searches going to Google to find a product or service, 42% of those 100, are going to click one the #1 position, which obviously means that the #1 position is getting the lion’s share of clicks in ANY market.  All the way down to the #10 position on page 1, which will only get 3 out of every 100 searcher clicks. This is why, it is critical that any business MUST at LEAST be on Page 1 of Google for their business, if they are to see any results from their website.

This is also the reason why businesses strive to achieve the # 1 position on Page 1 of Google, to drive the lion’s share of ANY market, to their business!

Page 1 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services in Dayton,Ohio can make putting YOUR business on Page 1 of Google a reality!

And a third! 

The chart below clearly illustrates the Internet is where your customers are going first to find local businesses.

Local Consumer Search Results Usage Comparision, provided by Page 1 SEO Services in Dayton Ohio


We serve businesses of ALL sizes, in ALL cities and towns throughout Ohio and across America!

Page 1 SEO Services in Dayton ,Ohio, one of the top local search engine optimization service providers in Dayton, Ohio.

Providing SEO consulting, SEM Marketing and SEO help to local businesses in creating an effective SEO strategy that will improve the search engine ranking, for their businesses.

As the search engine optimization specialist and organic SEO specialist for Page 1 SEO Services, my objective is to help local businesses like yours and throughout the Miami Valley, and local businesses in any town or city across America for that matter, save Time, Energy, and Money and help them to increase their Bottom-Line.

And we offer No Contract SEO Services in Dayton Ohio and nationwide, we feel you only need to pay for performance SEO services, not obligate you to something that is not working for you.  We don’t need contract obligated clients, our results speak for themselves and that is the only reason they continue with us, is ROI.

SEO Strategies by Page 1 SEO ServicesWe accomplish this by providing cost-effective Search Engine Optimization, Affordable Website Design Services and Web Strategies, SEO Management, Website Conversion Rate Optimization Press Release and News Release Distribution, and Online Marketing Plans to enhance your search engine visibility and placement to increase and improve your search engine rankings while at the same time, offering some of the most affordable SEO pricing in Dayton,Ohio.

We take great pride in providing the absolute best in customer service for our clients with extremely quick response times to any questions or changes our clients want to have made.  To say that we go out of our way to over deliver for our clients is an understatement, that ONLY our valued client’s experience.

Those businesses that do not start incorporating a good SEO strategy into their business, will be left in the dust of their competitors who are.  If you’re still undecided about getting on board with Page 1 SEO Services after reading through our site, then think about this for a moment:

Beating your Competition with SEO from Page 1 SEO ServicesIn just a few weeks, the select few who have decided they need to make the changes necessary in their businesses in 2016 to start building a long-term sustainable income for their business, will be well on their way to making that happen. 

Those who decide to not take advantage of this opportunity right now will probably still not have the visibility on Google and the other search engines needed to increase their customer base, their profits and their business itself, and your competitors will!

If you want your business to succeed, your business must adapt. 

And if you are still one of the 50% of businesses that still does not have a website for your business, take a look at our “Why Does My Business Need a Website?” article.

Don’t let your competition get the upper hand, let us help increase your visibility, which will help make your life easier, more enjoyable and more profitable.  I invite you to work with us to help move your business in a better direction.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.

The plural of the abbreviation SEO can also refer to “search engine optimizers”, those who provide SEO services.

Please understand, there is no quick magic bullet in business, just good systems and methods and strategies that can be applied to grow your business and make progress.  Ultimately the only person in control of your business is you, and the future of your business and prosperity lies 100% in your hands.

And if you are one of the few businesses who is still wasting their marketing dollars on the old antiquated method of marketing your business, the Yellow Pages.

Please watch the video below to see what the world now uses and their opinions on using the Yellow Pages.

Here is a series of video clips of Matt Cutts who is the head of Google’s Web Spam Team on “How to Rank #1 on Google”.

This video parody, pretty much represents the truth about how much help Google is going to be in trying to help you rank higher in the search engines, this is a parody, please do not use this advice.


Now here is Matt honestly explaining …

What a good search engine optimization service can do for your business? 

So what exactly is SEO?

Here’s how Wikipedia describes it – SEO

Our website SEO optimization services and small business website design services and Google Places SEO are primarily focused on serving local businesses in the Dayton, Ohio and Miami Valley areas but, also local businesses nationwide increase their search engine rankings, expand their customer base and increase their bottom-line business revenue through the use of organic search engine optimization marketing.

Also don’t miss our article on, Why You Need a Website and NOT a Social Network Site for Your Business.

Page 1 SEO Services primarily focuses on optimizing your business on Google.


In case you are not aware of it, Google accounts for almost 80% of all searches on the Internet. Bing and Yahoo only account for less than 20%.

Which one would you prefer to dominate?

The question is, is your local business website on Page 1 of Google where your potential customers will see it?  Search engine placement and website promotion is critical to increased business revenue and to being found in the search engines, and with the help of a search engine optimization expert, you WILL be found.

A pretty site is a total waste if no one can find it without typing in the specific URL address for your business.  You see, you can have a beautiful looking website but, it doesn’t matter if no one sees it.

Why Isn't My Website Ranking by Page 1 SEO ServicesYou can have great sales copy written by a big name copywriter, but it won’t matter if no one reads the words.  You could have the greatest product or service on the planet but, no one is going to buy it if they don’t know it’s there.  Without top rankings and website traffic, NO ONE is going to see your website, it just doesn’t matter, no one is going to see it!

The only other way to get more clicks if you are lower on Page 1 of Google is to have that position be a video with a thumbnail, which research has proven, increases your click-through rate even in the lower position, equal to that of one the top 3 positions.

By increasing your search engine placement you increase your local presence in your market, brand and build credibility for your product or services and have the opportunity to educate your potential customers about your business or it’s processes that differentiate your business from your competitors.

Why your business needs to be on Page 1 of GoogleHere are some startling statistics, if your website is not on the 1st page of Google, 89% of Internet users will not find you.  If it is not on the 2nd page of Google either, Internet users will not find you, game over.

You have a choice, you can search out and try to find new customers which is time-consuming and expensive, or you can use a more cost-effective and simpler way by simply making yourself and your business available and visible to customers who are actively searching for your products or services.  This is the essence of Search Engine Optimization.

There really is no better or more cost-effective way for a small business to compete with even the largest brand name corporations than with search engine optimization.

It’s happening every day for many small businesses, just like yours. The simple truth is, most businesses fail because their marketing efforts do not reach a large enough segment or the right prospects in their local communities, to bring in new customers.

New leads and new customers are the life-blood for EVERY business, without them a business will slowly cease to exist.

Take a look at our Search Engine Optimization and YOUR Bottom-line page to understand what SEO can do for your business.

Here are a couple reasons why you are reading this, right now.

The first reason is that we have optimized our website to dominate the search engines for our chosen keywords primarily in Google, and you have found our website without knowing anything about us or typing in the URL address for our website. This has happened through and is a perfect example of, what the use of search engine optimization and Internet marketing, is all about.

The other reason is that you are interested in better rankings for your business website and are searching for answers and solutions, while perhaps looking for a professional SEO service, SEO management company or SEO consulting firm to help improve your search engine optimization ranking.

Most businesses when focusing on their SEO or search engine optimization, will find themselves in one of the following situations:

Situation #1

SEO Competition Analysis by Page 1 SEO ServicesYour competition seems to be dominating the search engines. Whether you are in a large industry or perhaps a small niche type industry, one or more of your competitors who have made the decision to incorporate SEO into their Internet marketing plans just a few short years ago, may have created a strong position for themselves in the search engine rankings and are dominating your market.

This has created a trust factor from the search engines as well as in consumers minds, ( if they’re in the top rankings, they must be good ), and provides them the ability to hold and control top rankings and spots for certain industry keywords relating to their business.

If this describes your situation, your competitors can be overtaken with on-going search engine optimization but, it will take time and you need to be ready for a long-term process, but it can be done given enough time.

You should also understand that your new website or implementation of SEO methods for your existing website in Google’s and the search engines eyes is considered new and that you are working on a long-term process to overtake your competitors who at this point, are favored and trusted by the search engines.

Situation #2

No one in your niche or industry is doing a good job of optimizing their websites, this is what most businesses hope for when they start their SEO process and is the ideal and fastest situation to overcome.

It doesn’t matter what industry or size of the industry or the level of your competition, if none of your competitor’s websites are properly optimized and are not dominating the search engines, then it is relatively fast and easy for you to dominate your niche and rankings.

If this is the case, you should immediately take advantage of this opportunity, before your competitors do.

If your existing website has been online for 2-3 years or so, even though it may not be properly optimized and is receiving very little traffic, it probably already has a level of trust with the search engines which is critical, and with proper search engine optimization methods and strategies, it can be moved up in the rankings very quickly.

And, since your competitors have not properly optimized their websites, you can dominate many competitive keywords for your specific industry to gain the largest control of market share for YOUR business.

Watch Your Business Grow with SEO from Page 1 SEO ServicesPage 1 SEO Services knows how important SEO is for your business. When done right, it completely levels the playing field against your competitors, large or small.

Natural or organic rankings cannot be bought even by the largest of companies. They can only be achieved by good ethical search engine optimization and SEO techniques, and your business can easily compete against even the largest of competitors.

Newspaper, TV, radio, telemarketing and even direct mail are all forms of “mass advertising” and are not nearly as focused and targeted as organic search results. Even using the local yellow pages is becoming a thing of the past.

Your site needs to be found for the various terms your customers are searching for, related to your business. Customers are typing in search terms, not URL addresses. They don’t know about you or your URL address or your business.  Potential customers that your business is not reaching now, are actively seeking and searching for your products and services at this moment. You want to be found by those people looking to spend their money and are looking for a company by way of their search terms that can provide that product or service.

Unfortunately, they are not finding your site.

Through SEO marketing and search engine optimization, when your site is in the top ten natural results for a search term, you get a steady flow of targeted traffic 365 Days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you CAN NOT turn it off.  Through website promotion and search engine marketing, Page 1 SEO Services can create an online presence for you or your business and, take your site from not being found or seen, to Page 1 of the search results for any particular search term or phrase under which you want your business to be found.

One of the wisest endeavors any business should focus on it to use it’s marketing dollars in whatever way that will bring the business, the highest ROI for its marketing dollar. 

Without a doubt, SEO is at the top of the list, however, it MUST be given time, to return it’s highest ROI.

So that you are aware of what to expect, we have created this informative article entitled, “How Long Does It Take For SEO To Start Working” please read it before you choose any SEO company to work with so that you are fully prepared for the undertaking.

Here is an article from Forbes Magazine on How Long Does SEO Take To Work.

Page 1 SEO Services also provides Google Plus SEO for local businesses which has critical for creating the highest visibility for your business.

Call us today… before your competition does and let us help you dominate your local niche market!

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“New ideas are the seeds of progress, plant them, nurture them, and then watch them grow”

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